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Hand Painted Runners - Irma de Waal


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Colourful African Animal Runners
Runner size: 150cm x 50cm
They come in two different designs Colourful African or a African Ethnic design
Hand painted with non toxic, lead free South African fabric paints.
Irma ART Studio is situated in the beautiful village of Wilderness on the Garden Route, Western Cape. Working as a full time artist, Irma received requests to start painting her Bushmen figures on fabric. It started off as a fun project making gifts for friends and family, but soon escalated into the production of hand painted aprons and cushion covers for shops and lodges in the area!
Each piece is carefully hand sewn from 100% pure cotton twine fabric and then hand painted with African wildlife such as Elephant, Rhino, Eland, Giraffe, etc. Irma loves to add the elongated figures of the Bushmen or Zulu tribes that depict the everyday life of these African men and women. These pieces are rounded off with African symbols, patterns and emblems.


Only one unit per print availible
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